Friday, September 9, 2016

A New Chapter, a Guest Blog Post: BreakyCPK

A little over 7 years ago I was given a beta key for a “dota like game” from a guild mate of mine while playing World of Warcraft.  I decided to give it a shot, seeing that I was an avid dota player and this was supposed to be an upgraded version of the game with better graphics, a better UI, etc.  Pretty much right away I was sold, but little did I know it would become a game that would change my life in so many positive ways over time.

 I am not going to go over every detail, you can find the story of how I got into casting here.  However I am creating this post to officially announce that I will no longer be a full time employee with Frostburn Studios and Heroes of Newerth.  I will still be working on a contract basis with them for video projects and future events, however I am advancing on to the next chapter of my career.

 What is that?  Well, as of September 15th I will officially consider myself to be a full time streamer / esports caster, something I am very passionate about and want to continue to pursue.  I do not have a specific game I plan to pursue, but instead I want to keep my options open to any opportunities that may be out there, whether it be casting a weekend tournament, or hosting a LAN event.  So if  you or you know of any opportunities such as these, feel free to reach out to me at

 Now with that in mind, of course there are some obvious games in which I plan to start diving into, most noticeably Dota 2.  And I do plan to not only play a bit if anything to help learn the game more, but also cast any events I can to start gaining more experience with it.  But I do also plan to both play and cast other games out there, even other genre of games from the MOBA scene.  Simply put, I want to be a caster of esports as a whole!

 I also know that this is something I will need to commit to as much as I can.  I am not expecting anything just because of my history with HoN and I wouldn’t want it that way anyways.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get as much of a reach as I would have liked in the esports community, mainly because I was restricted with HoN when it came to casting/streaming stuff, which of course was understandable.  But now I am finally ready and after discussing it with my wife for some time now, we feel comfortable enough to at least give this avenue a shot.

 I will admit, part of me is a little scared.  I am leaving a full time job with a good salary that has allowed me to live a comfortable lifestyle for the last 3 years or so.  From buying a house, to buying a new truck, to of course marrying my awesome wife (you know her as the good geek wife!), it has provided me so much and I am so thankful for that.  But with the constant messages from fans and the community concerning “when are you going to cast x game” and just frankly my own desire of wanting to expand, now is the time.

 I plan to do an “official launch” stream with a live AMA on September 16th at 12pm EST / 1800 CET, at my twitch channel of  where I will answer the most questions I can concerning my history with HoN, and what I plan to do for my future, etc.

 Usually at the end of posts like this, you may expect the thank yous to come out, listing names and what not.  Honestly, as much as I would love to do that, there really is just way too many people to thank for this journey that I have had with HoN.  So instead I will just say Thank you to everyone that I have ever worked with, thanks to the community, and I am SO excited to experience this next chapter of my life as a full time streamer.  THE CPKAPPAS WILL REUNITE!


  1. Please, Breaky, do Dota 2. They have good casters but your style is unique. You're the main reason I got to the eSports scene...

    Just picture yourself doing The International in 1-2 years...

  2. Congrats and best of luck! I know this must be scary (Hell, I'M scared for you!), but I'm left thinking of an old poster I used to put up in my classroom: "A ship in the harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are for!"

    So bon voyage, Breaky!

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  4. Will gaming ever again have as much soul as HoN did? If it does, lets hope it is casted by breaky =D (hon best moba)

  5. First of all, best of luck to you! sincerely! I do believe you will be missed by many strange hon people from many strange places. Myself included. I stumbleled over honcast while searching for videos of hon a long time ago. You could tell that you loved to cast hon, you casted the shit out of it! This passion for the same(and only) game I played. got me into following esports casually and helped remove my general ignorance towards gaming ass a profession and sport. And if FB wont serve as a good reference towards new casting gigs. I do belive you know a whole community that will. You a beast bcpk you best believe it

  6. To cast dota and be successful at it, you're going to need more than a basic knowledge base.

  7. Breaky first of all I would like to say thank you. I've listened to so many e-sport casters and NO ONE, comes close to the quality of casting you do, and more so your awesome microphonic voice. It is because of you which made me watch professional HoN matches and made me fell in love with the game even more. I wish you the best in the next step you do, I believe Dota 2 is lacking a fantastic caster other than Toby. I met the both of you in Singapore at the DYAs and must say it was the best chemistry I've ever seen. Thank you Breaky for your work with HoN! Thank you Thank you Thank You!

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