Monday, January 16, 2017

Things heard from the CPKave with and without context

One part of being a wife of a streamer is hearing the stream or cast, be it just one side of it, usually from a distance, as his studio is downstairs (also known as the CPKave) and I stay upstairs if I am home when he's streaming. Sometimes, out of context, what I hear is well....interesting. Honestly, now his streaming or casting is just background noise.

But sometimes, things come through:

Warning-Not so nice language below:

"OOOOHHH my balls"


"I killed myself! YES! I did it!"

"NO!... FUCK"


"FUCK" "holy...... ooooo" *THUNK* <silence>  almost a whisper "No....nope, I think I'm done with this game tonight" I heard this one at around 11:00 pm while in bed. I almost had to get up and make sure Breaky was still breathing. 



Breaky-"I'm decapitated....wait, that's not the word." Me trying to play Bioshock "You mean incapacitated?" Breaky-"Yes, that's the word"


"Oh darn, we won" in a very disappointed tone


I will continue to keep track of things that, on my side, seem pretty hilarious out of context.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2016 a Recap

Everyone is giving 2016 a failing grade.


Probably has a lot to do with the election from Hell, or the numerous amounts of celebrity deaths. Or maybe for personal reasons it was a difficult one. I know, I've had years like that (I'm looking at you, 2012).

But for our little family, it was a jam-packed year full of change, growth, scary unknowns and additions.

In March, we added to our little family by welcoming "DogCPK." She was a rescue from our local Animal Rescue Project. As you may tell from the picture, she is blind in her left eye, and therefore was "discounted" (ugh, can we just talk about how ridiculous that is. She's a dog, not a discounted tee shirt for sale, Jesus). We cannot imagine our life without this little ball of energy. She goes from 0-100 with 0 being snoring and snuggling on the couch and 100 being going bat crap crazy and running and jumping on everything and everyone because she loves them so much.

In April I started my blog with my first blog post. Who knew I would actually stick with it! And a few people read it, which is pretty cool :) 

In May I got a new job in my field in Kalamazoo. I work in higher education and I'm going to leave it at that. I do try to make an effort to keep my two worlds as separate as possible. I will say the movement was an upward one, and was good for my career as well as our financial situation.

In June I turned....*whispers* thirty. That's right. I am an adult. Like, a super duper adult.

In September I got to see one of my favorite bands of all time in concert, in my city! Also got to see my roommate from my Freshman year of college.

Also in September, Breaky announced he was going freelance. This was the scary part for us. But exciting. I can deal with budgeting a little more stringently if it means he can pursue his dream. I am very proud of him, and things are just getting better.

We had a kick-ass Halloween party, again. Always a highlight of our year.

There is obviously a ton more, of which you can read back through my blog for an update of sorts. While 2016 for us was overall pretty good, we are looking forward to 2017. More blog posts, more adventures and more beginnings.

Happy New Year everyone!