Sunday, December 13, 2020

A CPK UPdate

 So, I realized I haven't updated this since, oh, like June. You'd think with all this free time I'd have something to write about. With the way the world is, it was depressing and stressing to think of relevant to write about. 

Then, starting in the early fall, things got rather crazy for my immediate and extended family. I will go more in to it below. 

Preview: Happy tears, sad tears, lots of tears, and a pandemic. 

The summer was rather uneventful. Both Breaky and I continued to work from home successfully. BabyCPK, who we will now have to call ToddlerCPK as she's now 2.5, is going to a small, clean, safe, local daycare. In August as the numbers were deceptively going down, we decided to........