About Me (and us)

Would probably be good to give a little better introduction to me and my little geeky family.


My gamer handle is DuchessCPK, but I am also referred to WifeCPK. I was a gamer(ish) before I met my now-husband. After I met BreakyCPK, I was immersed in all things gaming and geek and truly realized what a huge difference there is from someone who spends all their time in a gaming culture vs someone like me who has a "normal person" job. I work a 8-5 in a higher education office at a university in Michigan. Talk about a culture shock when I go from that to a Hearthstone-playing backyard BBQ. Or when I'm at work and things like, "lag" "gg" "IRL" and "troll" slip out in conversation


My husband is BreakyCPK of Heroes of Newerth fame. He is both an avid gamer as well as a "shoutcaster" and streamer in the esports industry.

To explain what the CPK stands for, I will let the quote from my husband's Twitch stream do all the talking:
"The CPK stands for Crazy Poway Kids, which is the name of my group of friends' gaming clan that we used back when I was younger and I just stuck with it." Poway is in California, by the way.

My husband. A man of many words.


Our pit-bull mix just joined our family in 2016. Her name is Lily or DogCPK (noticing a trend?) and is such a good girl.