Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Long Time Coming

I think I have had a version of this blog post in my drafts pretty much since, like, June.

As many of you have heard, my husband, BreakyCPK of Heroes of Newerth fame has gone freelance. He is on his own, doing his thing. No longer working full-time for Frostburn or S2Games or any other incarnation of where he has been working for over 6 years. He has decided to cast and stream full-time and do contract work for videos and events when companies are interested.

As his wife, partner, confidant and best friend, I could not be more happy and proud that he chose to follow his passion.

However, this was not a spur of the moment thing. It was also not a solo decision on Breaky's part. We have had hours and hours of conversation, arguments, tears, joy, relief, anxiety and discussions about what we both wanted for our mutual future. The what-ifs, the desire to pay it safe, the competing desire to be happy, the timeline.....etc....I knew if I had a problem with it, it would not have happened. He would give up his true passion for stability if I truly wished for it.

What makes me happiest in the world is to see my husband happy and really enjoying his work, which happens when he is broadcasting video games and streaming. I have been in jobs that brought me no joy, and the prospect of seeing Breaky go through that is more scary than being financially unstable for a little while. So I unequivocally told Breaky I would support his decision to quit and be a professional streamer/broadcaster on his own if that is what he truly wanted to do.

Why am I oversharing you ask? Everyone for years has been encouraging Breaky to break-out into Dota2 or CS:GO or something, anything, for years! They are so confident that it would be an easy transition and he would be successful and there wasn't even a question about what he should do. A decision like that is NOT easy, especially since it means leaving a stable, steady income generating, benefit-fulled, full time position when you have a family. Adult responsibilities suck, and it is something to consider and plan for when following your dreams, but it should not put a stop to that pursuit.

Despite all the worry and stress and stuff that seemed to go along with this decision, there have been some really fun parts too. Talking about what games he should cast, what his logo should look like, how we will manage his calendar (I am sorta his unofficial "manager"), his day-to-day schedule, hearing from people we haven't in years and both families being super supportive of our decision.

Tomorrow (Friday the 16th of September), at 12:00pm EST/1800 CET he is doing an "ask me anything" on his twitch channel: I will be tuning in, and will probably link it from my Facebook page as well.

I welcome this new road and new adventure. I am thrilled and honored to be married to this man. I love you sweetheart. <3


  1. Reading your blog, Duchess, I am further convinced what a great match you two make! I am extremely proud of each/both of you! Your support of each other rivals that of couples who've been married for decades!

    Ha det bra!


  2. That's so exciting! Best of luck to him!

  3. It is quite an adventure for both of you, wishing you all the best guys :)

  4. I want to wish you + your husband the best of luck in this new journey.