Tuesday, August 30, 2016

That Pokemon Glow is Gone

Pokemon Go was fun while it lasted.

Both Breaky and I have told each other lately that the game has lost its....vigor? Chutzpah? Appeal? Whatever made it so that ever time I would be walking more than a few feet, it had to be running, or encouraged Breaky to go on that extra walk with DogCPK and me after dinner.

The walk to and from work for me used to generate some unique Pokemon. In an upgrade, they removed both a gym and a checkpoint, and I am lucky, in a 1 mile walk, I get 2 Pokemon. Usually a Pidgey or a Weedle.  I may get a Zumbat or even an Eevee, but that may be once every other week. The eggs I hatch are becoming repetitive and it is pretty rare if I get a new Pokemon from an egg anymore.

The last straw was how difficult it has become to catch even low-level Pokemon. I run out of balls (*snicker*) or berries (*snort*) and cannot catch a damn thing. I essentially stopped playing when I tried 8 times to catch a Squirtle. The little dude didn't run away.... but I ran out of berries, and heaven help me if I was going to run out of balls too.

That was it. I was no longer having fun with it. My phone hated trying to run it. It would get too "overheated" and go in to a "timeout" and the game would be running, but no Pokemon would show up, checkpoints wouldn't work, and I am pretty sure the egg thing wasn't working either.

That being said, I am still glad I downloaded it. I am glad it was something Breaky and I could bond over. I also had some great quotes that I saved up for a blog post:

Me: I hatched one of those Geodudes or what-ever-you-call-'em
Breaky: That's literally their name.
Me: Oh. I was being funny. But go me.

Me: I evolved my "Radish"
Breaky: Your what?
Me: Radish
Breaky: You mean like your Rattata?
Me: No, the little blue dude that looks like a radish
Breaky: You mean Oddish?
Me: Yes. That's what I said

Now, if I find myself in an area known for a lot of checkpoints and multiple Pokemon, sure, I'll play. If a restaurant throws down a lure for an event like trivia or something, yeah, I'll play a little. I just won't make it a point to play every time I walk. I am going back to listening to audio books while I walk.

Now, if/when someone creates a Harry Potter Go, or a Sailor Moon Go, you would bet your sweet patootie I'll be all over that.


  1. I'm totally with you. Both my husband and I are kind of over it at this point. We pretty much only ever catch Ratattas and Pidgeys so we gave up!

  2. I knew the glamour would die off. Eventually they have to implement trading/ player interaction outside of the gyms. I think they left room for newfound allure to the game by doing only the first generation of pokemon. They are bound to release different generations over time which should recapture people's attention in my opinion.

    1. That is a good point! That may actually bring me back for a little bit. Kinda wish they would make the game mechanics a little better before then, you know?

  3. I wasn't expecting the hype to last, so I'm not very surprised to read this. I'm still playing, though. Perhaps being a little bit less obsessed over it, but that's only a good thing. :)

  4. I feel exactly the same. It's just lost it's appeal for me, but if I'm somewhere that I know there's a lot of Pokestops or lures, I'll turn on the game.

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