Friday, August 12, 2016

Food Friday: THE Sausage Dip

Credit to my mother, who's recipe this is and whose permission I have to use publish it and whom I love very much and whom I should call more. (LOVE YOU MOM)


Every time I either host a party or get invited to one, the expectation, and sometimes demand, is that I make or bring my sausage dip. Usually, during or after said party, I get bombarded with requests for the recipe. I am always very open to sharing, even jotting it down for people. So I figured it would be easiest to just put it up here, and direct people to my blog.

Although, there is a small chance that now that people can make it themselves that they will not invite me to parties. You guys will still invite me.... right....... guys? .....Bueller?   * crickets  *

Well, I'm going to risk a life of loneliness and share the ever popular, in high demand, amazing SAUSAGE DIP.

Ingredients/Supplies List

- 1 slow cooker
- Frying pan
- Spatula
- 4 bricks of cream cheese
- 2 cans of Rotel tomatos
- One container/roll of Bob Evan's spicy sausage
- One container/roll of Bob Evan's regular sausage

I have visuals to help with the ingredients list:

First, spray your slow cooker with non-stick spray, or use a slow-cooker liner, then throw all 4 bricks of cream cheese in to the slow cooker and turn it to high. This will allow the cream cheese to soften and make it easier to stir everything together when you get to that point.

Next, combine and fry up the sausage. When that is done, be sure to drain the grease.

Throw the sausage in the slow cooker and turn the slow cooker down to low. Open and drain the Rotel tomatoes and add those to the slow cooker too.

Stir together until completely blended. then I usually turn the slow cooker down to "keep warm" after about an hour on low, as everything is already cooked and should be warm/hot by that point.

Serve right out of the slow cooker. Serve with sturdy chips (Tostitos Scoops are my preference). 

Oh, and DogCPK, of course, is always on hand when I am making anything in the kitchen.

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