Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Anniversary

In 2015,  BreakyCPK married DuchessCPK and they lived *happily ever after.*

*Disclaimer: Happily ever after does include fighting, making up, laughing at each other, crying, missing each other, pain, joy and many other things that have or will probably end up in this blog. End of the day "happily ever after" means we loved each other and we still and will forever love each other.*

To celebrate our one-year anniversary, I am going to highlight the "geeky," "sporty" and unique things that we had at our wedding!

We had a Portal Cube ring box. Handmade by the best man!

All of the cupcake names came from Heroes of Newerth heroes. Shout out to the very talented and lovely Hollicakes!

Yes, that is the two of us in bobble-head form!

One of my bridesmaids worked at Journeys and hooked the girls up with some pretty sweet kicks. Mine is the blingy white one, if you couldn't tell.

These awesome people are from Overneath in Kalamazoo. They performed the the theme song from Halo as the wedding party headed down the aisle. They also DJed the reception and included Space Jam as Breaky and my entrance song. Huge shout out to this company!

To make it a little more fun and appealing to the single guys, we attached the garter to a football. Both the garter and the bouquet that were tossed had a gift card attached. More incentive to catch! AceJR, who was in the wedding, caught the "garter."

We also had a photo booth, full of a multitude of unique props, such as a Phantom of the Opera mask, Raptor hats (which resulted in replicated the iconic scene from the new Jurassic Park movie) and of course the standard big glasses, silly hats and boas.

Other things included references to Game of Thrones; I made reference in my vows and we had a chest with replica dragon eggs to hold the cards.

We also set out board games so people who either didn't want to dance or needed to take a break could still be entertained. I know I saw a picture of this, but heaven only knows where that ended up.(Edit-I found the picture! Just, you know, two years later.)

Happy anniversary to my love and a huge thank you again to all those who attended and made our special day even more special.


  1. I like to see those pictures where breaky and you so so happy. I know both of you will have a good family, an amazing future, my best wishes. Happy Anniversary

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