Friday, March 20, 2020

COVID-19 Update from the CPK Family Week 1

Hello folks.

What a strange, scary time to be alive, right?

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I thought, well, hoped, that 9/11 would be the biggest crisis of my generation and in my timeline. that horrible sense that nothing will be the same for a while. Everything being cancelled and it is everything that anyone is talking about. The world didn't stay the same, but we did settle in to the new normal.

This seems just as big, if not bigger.

This has to be said before we get in to the more lighthearted pieces of my blog. Please stay informed, but do not panic, and do not overindulge in social media or the news. Your mental wellness is just as important as staying physically well during this time. Please, if possible, stay home, stay distant from others and wash your hands. This is serious. But on the flip side, please do not panic-buy toilet paper or more importantly please do not panic-buy masks or other healthcare protection. Our healthcare workers need that stuff first. And do not spend the whole day reading social media or watching the news. It could just hurt your heart.

Big shout out to our brave healthcare workers on the front line. We see you, we love you. Please take care of yourself and be safe and healthy. Keep up the great work. We're in this together.

Now. You may ask, how is the CPK family doing during this time?

I finally got permission to work from home. Initially, they said that if hourly individuals could not come in, they would be forced to use PTO. Mind you, they said this AFTER Michigan closed K-12 schools.


But they quickly came to their senses. So now I have a nice little work station in our "CPKave".

Yes, that's an old-school HoN mouse pad. Even gots the S2Games logo and everything

"But Duchess, isn't that where Breaky works too?" Yes, kind reader. He works here too. From home.

OH, and BabyCPK had a fever (she's better now), so she was sent home from Daycare, which as of yesterday, officially closed anyway.

So, if you are keeping count at home, that means the entire CPK family, Breaky, Duchess, BabyCPK and DogCPK are all home. Thank GOD we moved in to a larger house.

So here is our week so far:


  • I came home around 1 to work from home for the foreseeable future

  • Breaky helped me set up my workstation

  • Took a short walk with the family

Tuesday (St. Patricks Day!) 🍀 :

  • All dine-in restaurants closed. Take-out and deliveries are still options

  • Got breakfast from Colonial Kitchen, one of our local restaurants doing take-out. 
    • Please support your local restaurants that are doing deliveries and take-out. We want to keep them open after this blows over

  • Took 2 walks as a family. 

  • Realized that Breaky does not normally use his headphones. My headphone volume had to increase. 

  • Realized this family uses a LOT of dishes in a day when everyone is here. Like a lot. 

  • Sooooo much trash

  • Re-did some of my work space. This unicorn was a duplicate of one I had at my work station at work. So now I have a little bit more of me in my space

  • Several more walks were taken

  • The kitchen is now really really clean

  • Lots of video calls with our parents so they can see their grandchild

  • Breaky braved the outside world to grab some groceries

  • We made homemade pizza as a family. That was actually a lot of fun

  • Once we got the little one down, we watched The Masked Singer. Not going to lie, Breaky and I need a better education of popular culture, because there are names being thrown around that we are like, who? 


  • Daycare has officially closed for a few weeks. It's official folks. We're all in this together. Just, you know, separate. 

My favorite mug makes working from home so much easier

  • We go through a LOT of coffee when stuck at home. It's probably all me though. 

  • It has become evident we need a calendar between Breaky and me with all of our different phone calls, webinars and live internet events. The space we have keeps getting smaller and smaller

  • One soul in this house is super duper happy. DogCPK hasn't gone on so many walks in the span of one week in her life. We have to keep our sanity some how, and walking around the block is the closest we are allowed to really get to going "out"

  • Started to rain, so walking was limited to a quick one. 

  • I'm getting to know a lot about what Breaky does and who he works with. Keep up the great work! 

  • Oh, did I mention I have a head cold? My nose is stuffed and I'm congested. What a horrible time to be sick. 

Stay safe out there friends!

Love you!

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