Monday, March 30, 2020

COVID-19 Update from the CPK Family Week 2

Hello friends! Hopefully everyone is staying at home and safe if possible. If you are on the front lines of this, THANK YOU AND STAY AS SAFE AS YOU CAN.

Our little household is doing as well as can be expected. As an extrovert, I'm personally struggling. By the time I actually talk face-to-face with someone other than my husband or my two year old, I may have the social skills of a caveman.

Honestly, I was going to write this and I assumed we had more to offer in the way of an update. But legitimately this is going to be some bragging as to how Breaky and I have not killed each other yet. Just kidding love, I love you!

However, I do feel responsible for him dying in Diablo in hardcore mode. I was saying goodnight and he paused then unpaused before he was ready and was not paying attention. I legitimately started crying. Because I felt bad? Probably. Because I'm going absolutely bat-crap stir-crazy? Also probably.

Real talk though, this Athena Hooded Pullover II is my new go-to quarantine outfit. I even bought one in black. This is through Fabletics. Seriously, most comfortable shirt I own. Highly recommended. I also have like, 3 of their leggings. Super comfortable. 

We enjoyed some really nice weather last week. DogCPK seemed to really enjoy being outside. 

This weekend we super-cleaned our kitchen. The kitchen is one of the reasons we got this house. I am so in love with it! 

Huge shout out to Breaky. He's getting so good at making drinks!  So incredible.

Some more pictures to help us get through this next week:

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