Wednesday, December 18, 2019

My Squeaky Little Sleigh Ride

Fun little story for a chilly little Wednesday.

So Breaky and I often will drive each other's cars. For the most part, simply because we do not want to have to switch the car seat from one car to the other. The car-seat about 95% of the time stays in Breaky's truck, because he's usually the one home with the little one. So when Breaky took my car to his indoor basketball game, I didn't even think twice. It is good to have an option to transport our child in case the worst happens.

Breaky has been gone for about 2 weeks total. Almost the entire month of December. I miss him horribly.

I've been driving my car to and from work. Keep in mind, it's been cold out, then warmer, then snow, then warm, then snow... etc... (yay Michigan winters!)

I kept hearing this squeaking noise. I'd turn down my radio and I couldn't hear it anymore. Or I would hear it for a second, then nothing. Could not for the life of me figure out what it was.
I HATE taking in my car for maintenance. When Breaky and I started dating, I told him I can take care of everything (finances, doctors appointments, fixing computers etc...) EXCEPT car stuff. I always have him take our vehicles in. He makes the calls, sets things up etc... I just do not enjoy that part of adulthood. No thank you.

Desperately, I tried to think of simple explanations. Maybe Sirius XM was busted. Nope, happening with my phone too. Maybe a window wasn't closed all the way. Something, anything.

Finally, I simply look in the passenger floor. Breaky had left his Gatorade water-bottle there. The kind football players use that require squeezing it to get anything out. See below picture and link for more information. The changes in temperature was messing with the pressure inside, causing the nozzle to squeak.

This was the cause of my small little meltdown. A water bottle.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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