Tuesday, October 4, 2016

GPS Appreciation Week!

I looked it up in Google. I do not think there is an actual "GPS Appreciation Week" so I am starting one. Right here right now.

This comic by the lovely and talented Adrienne Hedger, prompted some memories about pre-GPS driving.

You see kids, before the likes of phone GPS or even Tom Tom and Garmins, we old folks had to use printed out maps from Google Maps or rely on our memories and "good" senses of direction. Needless to say, I sucked at both, and often got hopelessly lost. Including what should have been a two hour drive to my school, which turned into 4, because I got lost IN Kalamazoo (stupid one-way streets)

I do have to tell one more story on myself. So, equally as "directionally challenged" as I am, my cousin joined me in a car ride up to our cabin from the west side of the state, which I was not used to. So, Google Maps (the printed kind) was our friend. Until it told us to take this bass-ackward way down dirt roads with one house maybe once a mile. In the dark. With no cell service. Getting low on gas. Again, all before the wonderful world of phones with internet or GPS.

Despite our best efforts to not panic, stories of axe murderers and other horrible things crawled into our brains.

Here is how the conversation went(ish) from what I can remember. It was a "few" years ago after all:

Me: "If we run out of gas, at least there seems to be a house once every mile or so"

Cousin: "What if someone attacks us. They could be murderers. Like Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

Me: "We can hit them with a shovel"

Cousin: "You have a shovel? Where is the shovel?"

Me: "........I'll just pull one out of my ass"

At the time, all we could manage was a nervous chuckle. Once we found humanity in the form of a gas station and subway shop, we managed to laugh a little more. Once we were with our family, who was already up at the cabin, raucous laughter ensued. Now, often the "ass shovel" makes a reappearance in the form of an inside joke.


  1. I, for one, think that a GPS Appreciation Day makes total sense :)
    I just joined the female bloggers group on Google+ and your post was the first one to pop up!
    I'm over at http://sororiteasisters.com and http://myblissfuljourney.com
    I have no sense of direction either :)

    1. Thanks! And welcome to the Female Geek Blogger group! :) Great blog!

  2. It WAS scary... & we were soooooo lost. (Or so we thought, because we ended up right where we needed to be.) I remember legitimately planning an attack against bad guys, or bad squirrels, or bats etc... You said "I'll attack with my shovel" So matter of fact like... I thought, ya, a shovel - sweet! Then I thought out loud -"what shovel?" Who the hell packed a shovel?!?!
    Infamous reply from Kels, "I'll pull one out of my ass!"

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