Thursday, November 30, 2017

The reason I cried today

I have been playing a fun game called "Why I cried today." Figured I would keep track of them as they happen and maybe others will get a kick out of it.

  • Today I cried because Breaky was leaving for the Philippines for a week

  • Today I cried because I forgot to add cheese to my eggs for breakfast

  • Today I cried because someone called at work and hates the new database and took it out on me (this is a big deal because I worked at a bank's customer call center for a year, I have been screamed at, yelled at, threatened, called every insult in the world and never, ever took it personally or cried)

  • Today I cried because a meeting was cancelled for work

  • Today I cried because I finally watched the Overwatch Reinhardt animated short "Honor and Glory"

  • Today I cried because my dog looked sad

  • Today I cried (happy tears) because Breaky was talking to my baby bump <3

  • Today I cried thinking about Breaky talking to my baby bump

  • Today I cried because I read a story on Reddit about putting a dog down 

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