Friday, April 8, 2016

Food Friday-An Introduction

Hello all!

A part of what I want to incorporate in to this blog is a few recipes from me and my family and friends. I cannot guarantee you they will all be "geeky" related, but I will try my best to make it such by injecting some humor and some huge "fail" moments I have.

I have a pretty decent system that allows me to create a meal quickly, so I can enjoy gaming with Breaky, and also my meals are able to be enjoyed while at a computer or around a table with a board game or two. .

Fair warning, fails will more likely happen if I try to bake anything. I can cook! But I don't bake. I am not a scientist, I don't like "measuring" or "following directions" or "not substituting" things because I am a cheapskate.

By the way, unrelated to Foodie Friday, the word "cheapskate" looks funny to me. I had to even google it to make sure I spelled it right. This may be one of those words that is easier to use in speech than in writing. Or maybe it is one of those instances where if you look at any word long enough it looks funny. Cheapskate.... cheapskate.....

But I digress (I do that a lot...)

I did not have time this week to formulate which recipe I should actually write down the specific ingredients for, so this is going to be an introduction of sorts, so you can figure out what to expect every(ish) Friday.

As an introduction, I will briefly go over what our kitchen always has on hand.

1. Rice. It is cheap, easy to make and can be bought in bulk. It helped me survive in Norway when I was studying abroad and no businesses over there took Visa. What I'm trying to say, it is a great poor college student staple.

2. Chicken or beef stock. This is a must! Can be used in so many different recipes.

3. Olive oil. I sent a question out to my Facebook friends about what olive oils are the best. Got a ton of answers that I still need to go through. Will follow-up with a blog post on Food Friday I'm sure.

4. A good pot and a good pan. Kind of seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, from someone who had some pretty cheap pots and pans in the past, this is a bigger deal than you think.

5. Pre-cooked frozen chicken. Cooking with raw chicken makes me nervous. And thawing frozen chicken is a hassle. They make pre-cooked frozen chicken that is available in any grocery store in the frozen section.

6. A cheese grater. Breaky has taken to only buying block cheese, which means we have to grate it. Which means Breaky grates it because I once took a good chunk of my knuckle off with a cheese grater. No thank you.

Not a "necessity" but I really like having Alexa in the kitchen. I bought the Amazon Echo for Breaky at Christmas, and I absolutely love it. From playing music while I cook, to asking her how many oz are in a cup, to having her turn on the living room lights on, she is an absolute help in my kitchen.

So what should you expect from Food Fridays?

How about my recipe for Jambalaya? Or my sausage dip that gets requested every time I make it for a party? How about helping me name something I threw together with crap that is in my kitchen because I didn't want to go out and buy things? Or seeing what failures I produce when I attempt to bake?

Sounds like a party to me.

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