Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Adulting is hard

Adulting is hard.

Take for example these two conversations my husband and I have had within the past 24 hours:

Husband (H): Babe, do you know where my keys are?
Me: No. Have you tried your pants pockets? Bedroom table? Kitchen?
H: I've checked all of those
Me: hhmm.... Do you need me to come home and help look for them?
H: Nah. I'm sure I'll find it
Me: You came home last night, greeted Lily and then joined me in the kitchen while I was making dinner.....Did you maybe leave them in the door


not 4 hours later:

Me: You are not going to believe what I've done
H: Oh God.
Me: I brought a bag of Lily's treats with me to work. I had them in my pockets from leash training.
H: Lol
Me: I wondered why I smelled like dog.

Couple notes. Lily is our dog. Hence the leash training. Weirdo.

Also, I refuse to use "lol" I can't do it. My husband does. I will not use it in my blog except to quote him.

If that doesn't give you a pretty darn good look in to our lives, I don't know what does.

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