Friday, February 10, 2017

CBS Bull Esports Episode

If you know me personally, you will know that I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE NCIS. Reruns ran almost daily on certain channels, and between that and Law and Order, it would keep me busy on my days off of school (yes, college) and weekends when my social life wasn't buzzing off-the-hook (ha). Lately though, I have struggled to keep up. I do want to watch the new episodes, but will have to go back at least 2 seasons to get caught up.

So when I heard Michael Weatherly was leaving NCIS, I was shocked. My sister filled me in on the spoilery details of what happened on NCIS. What got my attention though was the new show he would be starring in "Bull" about a trial consulting firm, run by a Dr. Jason Bull (Weatherly) which uses psychology, technology, human behavior and other tricks to figure out what jurors "tick".

I started to DVR it, and watch it while Breaky is either streaming or shoutcasting downstairs, or out to trivia on nights I don't join him, or when he is out at an event, or..... (I get left alone a bit. I'm ok with it).

I am a sucker, obviously. for a good cop/detective drama. After the first episode I wasn't completely sold, but I continued to watch and now I cannot get enough. As I said before, I DVR it, so I am honestly not even sure when it runs, but I know that when I see it in our DVR, I watch it.

So imagine my surprise when I start to watch the latest episode (episode 13) and Dr. Bull and a colleague were attending an esports grand finals.

Yes. Esports.

The episode is called The Fall and deals with an esports capitan who is accused of throwing the grand finals and gets fired from the team and blacklisted. The player sues the owner of the team for deffamation and his lawyer's firm hires Bull's team.

So, what else does a technofile who is married to an esports caster do? I take to twitter of course. I "live" tweeted my DVRed episode of Bull.

Breaky did watch most of it with me, eventually. He even recognized an esports caster Purge, as one of the "shoutcasters" for the finals.

As I said before, as far as popular media goes, it was a great representation of the esports world. So much bad press from a bunch of grumpy gusses who don't understand esports has spoiled my excitement for seeing esports being talked about in the media. Super refreshing to have a positive outlook on the sport for once, even if everything wasn't 100% accurate. I guess this must be how real doctors and nurses feel about shows like Grey's Anatomy and House.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Super Bowl 51

Whether you tuned in to the Super Bowl for the game, for the commercials or just because you wanted to be social and it happened to be on, you cannot say that it was not interesting to say the least. I am aware that some of you may have tuned in to the Puppy Bowl instead, so let me know in the comments if that was as interesting as the stuff that happened during the Super Bowl.

In case any of you don't know, Breaky and I are huge sports fans in general. I have become a bigger football fan after I married him, but I definitely grew up in a household where football and baseball, especially, were on the T.V. frequently.

DogCPK hopes that one day the Detroit Lions can make it to the Super Bowl!

Let's get started with the obvious big topic of conversation. The actual football game. If you don't care about football you may want to skip this part.

Oh. My. Lanta. Can we say comeback? A huge lead blown by the Falcons. I do have to say, the first half and parts of the third quarter, I was rather disappointed by the Patriots. Blown passes, shoddy offense, this was not the game I wanted to sit around and watch! I wanted a good, close, nail-biting game. The surprise comeback was unexpected, but man did it produce some drama! Unbelievable. Now, to the debate of overtime, which by the way, is a first for a Super Bowl. I like the college rules of overtime more than the NFL's, but at this time at night, my head was pounding and I really wanted this game to be done and over, mostly because I knew in my heart the Patriots were going to win. My position was solidified when the Patriots won the coin toss. Sure enough, Patriots sneak by a victory in the Super Bowl 51. While I admit, I am not the world's biggest Patriots fan, nor am I a fan of Tom Brady, respect has to be paid. Great comeback. Congrats.

Ok, enough football talk. This is the part where I make comparisons to the parties we throw in the CPK house to "normals." Obviously there were dogs who provided an unending stream of entertainment. Duh. Next came the conversation about the kick-ass leggings my friend wore to the party. Widowmaker leggings from Blizzard's Overwatch. Which then prompted a discussion about how much leggings would be to make and customize versus how much they run for. Next came the lengthy discussion about the merits and complaints about Nintendo's Switch console. Legit, about 20 minutes. By this time I have had a few drinky-poos, and honestly, didn't have enough information to contribute to the debate, so I kinda spaced out. Next came the convos about Dota 2 and HoN tournaments my husband was a part of these last few weeks. Oh, and of course my husband's colorful commentary on the game. He just cannot turn off his casting. He can't. I love him for it.

Photo Credit to Jacki! 
"They need to review this, I think his knee was down, watch!"-BreakyCPK

Now, to the commercials.

Can anyone else match my excitement about Stranger Things Season 2?

Honestly, I love this ad. Everyone else at the party missed it (probably because of the Switch debate):

And I think universally, the favorite commercial of everyone that attended the party:


A huge shout out to Lady Gaga and her performance at the Super Bowl. As the daughter of a choir teacher, I have been taught and lectured about how to tell if someone is really singing or not. Singing and dancing at the same time is not easy. Breath control is essential. That being said, even with the world's best sound system, breath, background noise, changes in pitch can all be noticed in a performance if you are live.

Lady Gaga was live. She had back-up music/singers in case something technical went wrong, and to add to her volume to be heard, but she was legitimately singing. I shouldn't have to be so impressed that an artist sings live, but that's the world we live in (I'm looking at you Madonna...).

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

14 Days of Valentines

Last year, I did a cute little 14 days of Valentine's for Breaky.

Heavily influenced from Pinterest, I printed off a bunch of little fun, punny, sayings with a gift attached to it that I left on his desk every day starting on February 1st until Valentine's Day.

I, for what ever reason, only have pictures of 9 of the little gifts I gave. I took pictures which were a little grainy, so I put beneath the pictures what they said. I wish I remembered what the others had said. I know one had to do with soda and other things I may have just had around the house. Really shoulda taken pictures. Oh well, here are 9/14 of the 14 days of Valentines I did for Breaky.

"You're all that and a bag of chips"

"I Mint to tell you sooner, thanks for being my Lifesaver"

"You O-Fish-Ally have my heart"

"You make my heart bounce"
- side note, this became Dog CPK's favorite ball until she destroyed it a month later

"Life would be Un-Bear-Able without you"

"You stole a piece of my heart"

"Doh you want to be my Valentine?"

"It's a Joy being married to you!"

"We make a great pair"

I tried to find where I got the templates for the notes, so if someone recognizes the pattern, I would love to give credit. I had it on Pinterest, but once it was all over, I deleted it. bad me.

This year, we agreed that we would be giving each other gifts that we made. Since (sometimes) Breaky is known to read my blog, I won't tell you what I'm planning, but it is adorable. 

Oh, and we are going out to dinner the week of Valentine's day. <3