Wednesday, February 1, 2017

14 Days of Valentines

Last year, I did a cute little 14 days of Valentine's for Breaky.

Heavily influenced from Pinterest, I printed off a bunch of little fun, punny, sayings with a gift attached to it that I left on his desk every day starting on February 1st until Valentine's Day.

I, for what ever reason, only have pictures of 9 of the little gifts I gave. I took pictures which were a little grainy, so I put beneath the pictures what they said. I wish I remembered what the others had said. I know one had to do with soda and other things I may have just had around the house. Really shoulda taken pictures. Oh well, here are 9/14 of the 14 days of Valentines I did for Breaky.

"You're all that and a bag of chips"

"I Mint to tell you sooner, thanks for being my Lifesaver"

"You O-Fish-Ally have my heart"

"You make my heart bounce"
- side note, this became Dog CPK's favorite ball until she destroyed it a month later

"Life would be Un-Bear-Able without you"

"You stole a piece of my heart"

"Doh you want to be my Valentine?"

"It's a Joy being married to you!"

"We make a great pair"

I tried to find where I got the templates for the notes, so if someone recognizes the pattern, I would love to give credit. I had it on Pinterest, but once it was all over, I deleted it. bad me.

This year, we agreed that we would be giving each other gifts that we made. Since (sometimes) Breaky is known to read my blog, I won't tell you what I'm planning, but it is adorable. 

Oh, and we are going out to dinner the week of Valentine's day. <3 

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