Friday, April 21, 2017

Food Friday Sausage Dip Livestreamed

Last week, Breaky made my oh-so-famous sausage dip, on his stream:

Normally, I do most of the cooking. Not necessarily out of necessity, but because I genuinely enjoy doing it. Always have. Sometimes I'll ask Breaky for some help, like taking things out of the freezer the night before, or preheating the oven if we are making something like lamb that's going to take a while.

Now, he does cook. He can make his Dad's mashed potatoes (leave a comment if you think that recipe should be the next one he lives streams!) and he can follow a recipe, so my faith in him to honestly make a home-cooked meal is there. He is just not practiced at it. Partially my fault, as I don't really give him a chance to have a lot of practice. In my defense though, especially with all the casting he's been doing, I am usually the one in a position to actually make something by 6:30-7:00 pm.

Breaky was doing some IRL streaming one day. If you are not familiar with's IRL, basically people stream the every-day things they do. Twitch primarily revolves around gaming, but you can stream walking your dog, or reading, or painting your nails... (honestly, I don't really know, I'm guessing here). So Breaky was doing some IRL streaming of him walking our dog and then doing a bunch of chores. He ended up making himself a chicken taco. Very simple, he put chicken and cheese in a tortilla, wrapped it up and nuked it for, I dunno, 30 seconds. He had quite a few viewers and it was well received. We joked around that he could start his own cooking live-stream segment, and I mentioned how we needed to make the dip for a BBQ we were going to at a friend's house.

Thus, he live-streamed making "my" dip on his channel.

Here is the masterpiece:

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