Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Happiness Hangover

I will admit it, I am used to planning things and being in control  Putting it out there, not the best at letting the reins go. So this weekend when my husband, sister and friends planned a birthday shindig, I was going nuts. I wanted to know what was going on and have a hand in planning things. I am glad I did not. It was absolutely fantastic and I was genuinely surprised and touched by the effort that they put in to making me feel special for my 30th birthday. 

Long story short, they planned a cabin weekend (my family has a cabin up in northern Michigan) and about 11 people total were able to make it! Well, 11 people and like, 4 dogs. :)

DogCPK chillin on the couch up north

So as a result, I have a happiness hangover.

Similar to if you did some drinking (which we may or may not have done a lot of too.....), you have a great time, and then when it is over, you are sad it is over and that you didn't enjoy it more when it was happening. In this case, instead of a headache and an upset stomach after, I am exhausted, covered in bug bites, a small sun burn and a weird dread and sadness of having to go back to the real world. Too bad a happiness hangover doesn't have a "hair of the dog" equivalent to it. 

Upnorth, we didn't have internet or cell phone service. For a bunch of gamers, that was a little difficult, but the dogs and board games were a great distraction.That being said though, I am sure everyone is just as excited as I am to jump back in to Overwatch! 

Thank you to everyone who helped make my 30th birthday one of the best ever! Love you all!

Have some cake. It is not a lie. (but no, really, I had a ton of cake this weekend. Loved it)

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