Thursday, October 31, 2019

CPKreepy 2019

It's that time of year again!


Our absolute favorite holiday (Christmas is up there, not gunna lie, but collectively as our little family, Halloween takes the cake)

We had our big Halloween Extravaganza this past weekend. For me, this marks 15 years of some sort of Halloween party. For us as a couple, this is #7. I have done everything from small, 3 person parties, big extravagant 20+ people stuffed in to a college apartment, to a mix of couples, families and kids.

This year, as Breaky had a unicorn costume already from a WePlay Valentine's Day Madness event in Ukraine. So I bought unicorn costumes for the rest of the family,  including DogCPK  

This year also marked the first Halloween in our new house. We had so much more room for festivities, kid-friendly activities, and space for adults to imbibe and play games.

Photo credit: Dylan Jeffery & (me)

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