Tuesday, May 21, 2019

You May be an Esports Significant Other Part 2

I did a blog post about what happens when you are an esports significant other.

The post can be found here

I figured it was time for a little update.
So here we go

You may be an esports significant other if:

You can identify other video gamers or "esports enthusiasts" in the wild, but you don't approach as to appear braggadocios.

I used to try to let everyone know that my husband was "esports" famous whenever I got the chance. I do need to be careful about bragging too much. I'm just so damn proud.

You get frustrated at parts of the industry but being unable to publicly say anything.


As with any industry, esports is not perfect. Esports is also a NEW industry that is rife with un-established regulations and little international oversight

When they streaming on his phone for IRL streaming or mobile games, can't/shouldn't send messages, as it may displayed for the world to see.


There are ways around that though, but sometimes you have to be careful. Especially if a playful mood hits you.

Changes in schedules leave your head spinning and your schedule royally flushed.


I have never known an industry that has such a fast-and-loose approach with scheduling. There are times in which we maybe get a day or less notice that Breaky will be casting. Or they change the dates as we get closer to the event.

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