Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Journey Into Azeroth Part 2

Part 1 here

I'm sure all of you are just itching to get my part two of World of Warcraft stories.

Just kidding, you all are either playing Overwatch, Hearthstone or Doom. Let's be honest.

So, on to the next part of our chapter.

We got to a part where basically the quests that we "needed" to do to get me acclimated to the game and to get me to a level that would make sense to get to the next level, which was doing a "dungeon raid" (make note to ask Breaky if that term is right. So many damn terms)

My role would be that of the healer. A big "duh" on that one. That whole problem with figuring out what to bind to you? Doubled in a dungeon. I am usually running behind everyone just healing. Since I have to stand still as I heal, I was always way behind everyone else, just spamming heals. Healing especially Breaky. He was the "Tank" so everyone was attacking him first anyway. So that resulted in me running behind everyone and trying like hell trying to figure out what I should try to bind to me, while strangers yelling at me for "winning" everything.

So much going on!!

Not a huge deal though. Some of the fun elements I enjoy is when I am not in the action and figuring out what I ended up with. A lot of the fun customization elements are pretty nifty. Plus it feels really good when our team is victorious in a dungeon/(cave)

Plus side? I got to level 20! WHOO HOO! Despite my reservations about catching on to how everything works, I did enjoy my experience enough to justify paying for WoW to continue to level up and play.

One of the reasons I am glad I did? I got a mount! A horse! WWEEEEE Another? Got up to Level 29 before adult responsibilities made us stop for the night (IE our dog had to use the restroom), which isn't too bad all things considered.

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